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We are an AI consulting and Saas company, focused on solving business problems by leveraging AI   

Optimize your processes, enable your products, accelerate growth, and innovate with our expert AI consulting

AI will be a crucial differentiator in any business, we are here to help organizations to embrace this change and be at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Our Expertise


Generative AI

Our in depth understanding of various open source and non open source LLMs and the ecosystem of integration tools can be a huge value addition to the organizations products and process optimizations
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Natural Language Processing

In today's world, text is ubiquitous. May it be unstructured data isolated in various locations or organized documents securely saved on your servers, we can help you to build NLP models and extract insights out of the data

Computer Vision

Visual content has grown exponentially both as organization's proprietary data and also openly available data sources. Computer vision applications built on top of this visual content can help businesses to extract value


Designing and building an AI/ML system with inherent capacity to scale, extremely low latency, negligible down time and periodic model up gradation is our core expertise


Signals are every where may it be a comping from a manufacturing facility or from a equipment installed at a remote location. Intelligently combining these signals to build insightful dashboards or predictive models is key to the success of any business


Creation of mission critical dash boards by extracting on going streams of data from many sources is super important for operational efficiency.
About Us

AI capability should be at the core of any product or service

We can engage at various stages of product development and ensure customer success


Our team of AI experts can consult on identifying a business problem and then propose a feasible, scalable and robust solution


We can co-create the solutions to optimize your processes and enable your products with AI capabilities

Deploy & Maintain

We bring in our expertise to deploy and maintain the AI innovation on various clouds.

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